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Here is a bag with 80 g from Akudim
Here is a bag with 80 g from Akudim
Here is a bag with 80 g from Akudim

Here is a bag with 80 g from Akudim

Easy solution if you want to feed your fry Artemia, but doesn't have time for hatching the eggs.

Written on 25-06-2018 07:40 by cab

It is possible to buy shell-free (decapsulated) artemia eggs in most aquarium stores and online. It is artemia egg where the skull is removed in a treatment with chlorine and heat and then dehydrated in order to stay fresh. You can not hatch decapsulated artemia eggs.

It is an excellent food for most smaller aquarium fish and fry, and it fed to the fish by sprinkling the eggs directly into the aquarium. You can also put them in water first so they get moist, but that's not something I do myself. Be careful not to give too much, it can be a little difficult to dose the eggs, but it is the same challenge no matter what you are food you are using.

It's not all fish that will take them because they do not move and here you have to use newly hatched artemia nauplier.

In theory, there is more nutrition in decapsulated artemia because the egg has not used energy to hatch, but I do not know how much difference it makes. In any event, it is a good food that I often use when I have no freshly hatched artemia available.




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The eggs can be bought in various portion sizes; here I have mentioned the smallest, if you would like to test it out.


Artemia salina




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50 g