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Aulonocara baenchi
Aulonocara baenchi
Aulonocara baenchi

Aulonocara baenchi

I have, a bit hesitant, traded some fry for another Aulonocara species.

Written on 23-07-2018 13:54 by cab

The day before new years 2003, I traded 10 Golden special fry for 4 Aulonocara baenchi, but even if it sounds like a good deal, it could have been much better because there was 3 males and only one female. One of the males was so poor and ugly, that I even considered to put it down or find someone who would take it for free.


To begin with there was quite a bit of fighting between the 4, especially between the female and the ugly male, who was chasing each other all over the tank. I did not look like spawning preparation and to be honest I would also prefer that the ugly male did not propagate.

I started by giving away the two surplus males to my father in law who has a 720 liter tank. Later, when I gave up on keeping track on three different Aulonocara species, he also bought the pair. They have spawned twice since then and we moved the fry to my tanks for growing out. The batches was at 12 and 8 fry, but the last time I suspect she had already released a few before I could catch her. Breeding with the baenchi is simple when you have a pair and the fry grows well if they get enough food and fresh water.


I sold the last fry in November 2004, which for the time being also marks the end of my experiences with Aulonocara baenchi.




Cichlid, Lake Malawi utaka


9-12 cm


You must be very careful when you keep multiple Aulonocara species in the same tank, as there is a great risk for cross breeding.



Trade name



Lake Malawi, Africa

Tank size

128 liter


Mouth breeder

Brood size