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Welcome to Aquainfo.dk - a page with information about aquariums and fish.

Written on 13-12-2005 23:06 by cab

Here you can find information about quite a few species of fish and plants, foods, articles about technical stuff and a handful of DIY (do it yourself) projects. There is an overview of my own aquariums. I also maintain a sort of aquaria blog, though not on a daily basis.

You can find more information about AquaInfo.dk here and an overview of the latest updates here.

Site news August 18th, 2018

I have updated the category pages to display a list of articles and I have reactivated the link and shop overview pages. I am now focusing on translating more articles and current status is that about one third is translated. I will prioritize translations based on number of visits to each article. All articles available in another language has gotten a small flag that can be clicked to see the other language.

På dansk: Det er stadig mit mål at oversætte alle sider til engelsk, men det tager meget længere end forventet.

In english: It is still my ambition to translate every page to english, but it is lasting much longer to finish than anticipated.