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Pages and articles planned for the future

Written on 13-07-2018 01:46 by cab

Here you can get an idea about which pages and articles I have planned for the future. It is not a prioritized list, and if I get inspired there might pop up articles from out of nowhere, but the list should tell you about what to expect to find in the future.

Currently I have more than 80 descriptions of fish species here at AquaInfo.dk, but the number will not increase much in the future even though I have a few species in waiting and even more species that I want to try out. I also hope to add somewhere between 5 and 10 new descriptions of plant soon and in general there is some of the articles that need a touch of quality to be honest.

i also want visitors to be able to participate more, like by voting for links or stores and I also want to improve the comment system.

When a new page has come online, you can find it in the overview of new and updated pages.