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Dato Nyhed


New fish again! I have been looking for some Galaxy rasbora and today I found some. I also got 6 Five Banded barbs, 5 Pepper Corys (Corydoras paleatus) and 11 guppies. As a bonus, I also got some hornwort and about 20 RCS shrimps. Right now I am out of space in my 5 tanks.


I have started a small experiment with LED lighting in my tank rack. To begin with, I have bought to different models in IKEA; LEDBERG 3 parts lighting strip and DIODER 4 parts lighting strip with colour control. I expect to try out a few more, I have seen one in BILTEMA and one in Harald Nyborg and I keep my eyes open for other options. When I have tried them out, I will write a short article with my findings.


I bought a bunch of ancistrus fry today, about 27-28 young ones. I also got about 10 guppyes and some shrimps called red claw shrimp. Apart from that I also got some valisneria and a big portion of water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes). Now all of my tanks are about filled again.


The kids and I made a visit to MP Tropefisk today and we bought a handful of guppies (wild-type or "wingei"), some fancy guppyes, a couple of Betta splendens and 10 neon tetras. The price was a bit more than hoped, but the kids where happy so I guess that's what counts.


I visited a newly started shop today. It is called the little cichlid (Den lille cichlide) and are placed in Tureby. Their primary selection is Malawi cichlids, but they also carry some community tank species as well. I bought 10 guppies and 10 Black mollies, plus also 10+ RCS. Total cost was less than 200 DKK, so not too bad I think.


I bought a broad selection of plants today:

  • Vallisneria nana
  • Ludwigia atlantis
  • Ludwigia repens
  • Hygrophila salicifolia
  • Water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)

I haven't had much success with plants except for the really easy species, but i hope to do better with some of these.


I bought a new RESUN LP-40 at Cichlidecenteret today, so I can start up my air driven filters again. <br> At the same time I fell for a bunch of Blue Danios that I've put in my 128 liters tank.


I fear for the membranes in my RESUN AC-9908 - it has become much louder and deliver far less pressure. I must try to repair my LP-40 soon, since AC 9908'eren can no longer keep the filters going properly.


My LP-40 has broken - the connector is broken clean off the pump housing, so even though it pumps merrily, I can't connect the hose to the pump. I have dusted off my old spare-pump Resun AC-9908 and connected that in stead


Finally I took the time need to clean my tanks.

I have only 5 tanks running, but it has hardly been possible to look through the glass. In conjunction with the celaning, I agreed with my 2 daughters, that the 2 tanks in the bottom are theirs and they decide which fish should go there.

So we went shopping for new fish this weekend and they have been glued to the glass ever since - especially when one of the newly purchased guppies gave birth to a small batch of fry.


Today I took down my 2 25 liter tanks and my 54 liter tank. I then filled my 19 liters (which have been standing around empty since last summer). Now it has to wait a weeks time before I decorate it.


On my way home from Poland, I visited a couple of aquarium shops in Copenhagen; first Planteimporten where I bought a couple of Trichopsis vittatus and 3 Nannacara anomala - I hope to find both a male and a female among them. I also drove by Neonfisken where I bought a pair of Girardinus metallicus, a pair of Colisa chuna, 4 Puntius oligolepis and some 10 Vallisneria americana var. biwaensis.


I got another early birthday present today, a 19 liters acrylic tank with a full covering lamp from Netto. Newsimage:


I have startet a small breeding attempt today. A week ago I moved the M. altispinosa that I believe is a female to my 54 liters tank where she was all to herself and today I moved the biggest male up to her. Now I will give them some peace and quiet for a while, hoping that something will happen. Newsimage:


I got my christmas gift today, a Tamron DiII AF55-200 F/4-5.6 LD Macro zoom lens, a bit delayed, but rather late than never.<br>I will soon write my first impressions.<br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00768&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200" />


I have borrowed a new digital camera for the last couple of days, a Canon Digital IXUS 850 IS.<br>I will soon give my first impressions in an article.<br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00767&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200" />


This weekend <a href="/?link=http://hojleddet.dk">hojleddet.dk</a> passed a milestone as we passed 1.000.000 visitors to our humble site.


I wouldn't say much has happened the latest 5-6 weeks. There have been some guppy births and unfortunately also some deaths, but on a larger scale I have a decent foundation for my future guppies. The challenge right now is to choose the right parents for the next generations and also to decide which features to go for - I must admit that I'm not really firm on that issue yet.


One of my Cyprichromis leptosoma "Tanzania Neon" females has released a batch of fry, not many - as far as I can count there are only 3.<br><img src="/images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00709&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200" />


The other guppy female had her batch today, but there wasn't many fry. I don't want to use more fry from this generation, so the females was placed with the males and focus is now on the next generation.


I discovered a few guppy fry i the tank where my females are - it took me by surprise that there was some of them due and most of the fry was eaten. Based on this batch I knew another one was near so I moved all other fish except a very gravid female.


I have decided to primarily focus on the guppy and I hope to be able to build 2 or 3 good looking, healthy and strong guppy strains during the time to come. Apart from the guppy I will also keep a few other species and I have also acquired a small group of Red Cherry shrimps. I will also focus a bit more on plants and their requirements, since it is an area I haven't focused on before.


Again today there was a new batch of guppyes, approximately 25 little ones.


I put my other 25 liters to use again today after a long break. I'm gonna use it for my guppy females


Today there was the third batch of guppyes lately, this time I counted 22 fry, from which 7 was albinos. I think it was the same black tuxedo female, that had a batch the 7. of august. A lot of fry where eaten right after their birth, but it seemed as if the mother only ate those that didn't move. The whole proces lasted between 1 and 2 hours.


Today one of the black tuxedo females had another batch, but also this one was very small, I only counted seven fry. By the way I discovered that there are still a single male of my snakeskins, and also a few females that could be his sisters. I hope to rebuild and stabilize the strain in the near future (with a little luck).


To day I saw the first fry foma my new Mosquitofish, Heterandia formosa. It is a tiny little fellow, who is trying to hide as much as possible.


To day I sold the last of my Malawi-cichlids - a decicsion a made quite a while ago. I have also decided to sell my Red back angelfish, if you're interested you can find them on the webpage Fishes for sale.


Today I aquired a little school of Heterandia formosa and also 6 Red Cherry shrimps. I put dem together with my 4 guppy fry and my C. sterbai in my 54 liters and it seems to work out fine.


One of my black tuxedo guppy females had her first batch today - not large, only 4 juveniles. I'm not sure of the father but I do know that it was one of her brothers. The fry was placed in my 54 liters tank. I have 2 more females that should give birth soon.


Now I have finished the project that have stolen all my time so far in 2006, both work time as well as free time. Now I hope I can make some updates to the site in the near future.


The day after my Cyprichromis leptosoma "Tanzania Neon" released the first fry, it released two more. The female has been together with the fry for a little over a week and she doesn't seem to go after them.<br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00709&wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


One of my Cyprichromis leptosoma "Tanzania Neon" has released a single fry. I have moved her to my 45 liters, but I couldn't catch the other. The fry is rather large, almost 1½cm.


My Cyprichromis leptosoma "Tanzania Neon" have spawned. The males have been showing off for a couple of days now and today I saw a female carrying a mouthful of eggs.<br> <img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00708&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have uploaded new images of my <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare_rio_manacapuru.html"> Red back angelfish fry</a>. They are still doing well and have gotten quite big.<br> And this will be all for today as the rest off the day will focus on Super Sunday.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00719&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have moved my Neolamprologus leleupi my new <a href="/akvarier/akvarium_148l.html"> 148 liters Tanganyika tank</a>. It created some disturbances as there was a lot of new territories to be claimed.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00712&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


This week I established my new <a href="/akvarier/akvarium_148l.html">148 liters Tanganyika tank</a>. I still haven't moved my Neolamprologus leleupi in it, so far there is a 8 Neolamprologus similis, 7 Cyprichromis leptosoma "Tanzania Neon" and my last 7 Julidochromis transcriptus kalemie.<br><br> <br>


It seems that the remaining 3 of my <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare_rio_manacapuru.html"> Red back angelfish fry</a> are stable and they have gotten bigger and have developed the shape of a angelfish.<br> This weekend I sold my big tank rack with the two 325 liters aquariums, so now I can focus on the little rack and the 4 to 5 freestanding tanks I have for the time being.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00718&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


There are now only 4 of my <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare_rio_manacapuru.html"> Red back angelfish fry</a> left and and I must admit being a bit pessimistic on their behalf.<br> On another note I picked up my new tank today.<br><br> <br>


Even though most of my <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare_rio_manacapuru.html"> Red back angelfish fry</a> has died, there are still 10-12 left and they has just become free svimming yesterday and today.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00688&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I bougth a little school of new fish today - 7 pcs. Neolamprologus Leleupi.<br><br> <br>


The eggs has begun to hatch approximately 48 hours after they were laid - everything is going according to plan, even though there was about 50 eggs went bad with fungus.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00686&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


After a long wait, where my pair of Red back angelfish spend more time fighting than mating, they spawned today - this time on a leaf of Crinum thaianum. I plan to hatch this batch without the parents to see if the young ones can survive at all and with that purpose I have setup my good old 12 liters once more. Newsimage:


I ordered my new aquarium today. It is 92,5 x 40 x 40 cm which equals 148 liters. Estimated delivery time is a little over a week, so now I just have to wait.<br><br> <br>


I glued my 153 liters aquarium Friday, and filled it up today, after a leak test yesterday. Unfortunately the old junk started to leak again even though it passed the leak test earlier. I have now decided to order a new aquarium in the exact size for the rack.


I bought a new aquarium today in Maxizoo - a 54 liters starter kit for 299,- incl. light, heater, filter and food. I don't have any spare time to set it up, but I guess I'll get around to it during the next couple of eeks.<br><br> <br>


Finally, I pulled myself together and started to clean and restart 3 of my aquariums, but of course one of them started to leak, so now I have another repair ahead of me.<br> Jeg I have removed the gravel from my two 75 liters aquariums and in one of them am I going to keep my remaining guppies. The picture shows one of the male types.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00720&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Wow, time flies when you are having fun… It's almost a ½ year since i last uploaded a news item on the page and even though there have been other updates meanwhile, it's way below my goal of 1-3 news items per week. It's probably connected to the summertime and the fact that I have spent a lot of time running and cycling, while I haven't spent much time on my aquariums. My Red back scalare have spawned several times, but still without luck and I have made many changes to my remaining species. More about that later…


Even though it was a promosing start where my <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare_rio_manacapuru.html"> Red back angelfish</a> tended their eggs very carefully, the eggs were missing when I came home from work to day.<br><br> <br>


After a 10 months wait, where I didn't see the slightest sign of mating, there is now a couple of my Red back angelfish who have spawned and placed their eggs on the side window. Newsimage:


I have bought a <a href="/digitalfoto/canon_eos_350d.html">Canon EOS 350D</a> today, so now it is time for some testing. Later I will upload a short review in the digital photo section. First shots are very promising.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00222&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have gotten yet another <a href="/fisk/poecilia_reticulata.html">strain of guppy </a> also from Dansk Guppy klub this time.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00722&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


After a very long break one of my Ancistrus-males has eggs in the cage again. There shouldn't be any enemies present in the aquarium, as it only contains guppy, platy and molly, so I hope they can stay without losses. Newsimage:


I have made some decisions which mean I have to revise my plan again. One of the first things I have done is to aquire two <a href="/fisk/poecilia_reticulata.html"> strains of guppies</a> from an awardwinning breeder, Benny Trustrup from Dansk Guppy klub.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00723&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My Neolamprologus similis have fry peeking up over the snail shells every now and then.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00711&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


During my visit with AkvarieWest I bought a little group of Mikrogeophagus altispinosus, even though I must confess that they wasn't on my plan.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00698&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Not much have happened in my tanks lately. My other <a href="/fisk/labidochromis_caeruleus.html"> Labidochromis caeruleus female</a> spat it's brood a while ago, but yesterday the male mated with one of the other females and two of my <a href="/fisk/metriaclima_callainos_sp_bright_blue.html"> Metriaclima callainos sp. Bright Blue</a> spawned too.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00574&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


A couple of days ago I found out that yet another of my Labidochromis caeruleus females were carrying eggs. Today the first female released it's brood, while the other one is still waiting. Newsimage:


I didn't get any fry from my <a href="/fisk/pseudocrenilabrus_multicolor.html">egyptian mouthbrooder</a>, I found them dead on the bottom of the tank, which puzzles me, as it's usually a very hardy fish.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00590&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My <a href="/fisk/pseudocrenilabrus_multicolor.html">egyptian mouthbrooder pair, Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor</a> have spawned again and the female is carrying - it is less than 4 weeks since they spawned for the first time.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00591&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Today I bought 3 Neolamprologus similis according to my plan, and there also was a small group of guppies included.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00710&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My dominant male passed away a couple of weeks ago, but it seems that one of my "new" has taken over his place and one of my <a href="/fisk/labidochromis_caeruleus.html"> Labidochromis caeruleus females</a> are carrying. I didn't see the actual spawning again, but I guess it was today or perhaps yesterday. This should reduce the risk of inbreeding significantly.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00574&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Yet again I aquired some new fish, this time it was a bunch of Poecilia sphenops and a single pair of Poecilia velifera albino.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00369&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My <a href="/fisk/pseudocrenilabrus_multicolor.html">egyptian mouthbrooder, Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor</a> have released the fry today, 10 days after the spawning.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00593&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I "accidently" purchased a pair of Melanochromis auratus, a Malawi mbuna I have considered a long time, but now there was a good opportunity.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00437&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My newly purchased pair of <a href="/fisk/pseudocrenilabrus_multicolor.html">egyptian mouthbrooder, Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor</a> have already spawned and the female is carrying.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00591&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Today I bought more new fish, even though they must be categorized as old aquaintants. I bought a pair of Dwarf gouramis, Colisa lalia, a pair of <a href="/fisk/pseudocrenilabrus_multicolor.html"> egyptian mouthbrooder, Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor</a>, and a pair of Indian Platys, Xiphophorus variatus. I also bought some <a href="/fisk/archocentrus_sajica.html"> Archocentrus sajica</a> for a friand who lacked a female.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00590&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Today I bought two mouthbrooder couples of the Pseudocrenilabrus genus, called philander dispersus, and have quaratined them in my 100 liters tank.<br><br> <br>


My <a href="/fisk/aulonocara_sp_rod_rubin.html">Red ruby female</a> has yet again swallowed the eggs.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00387&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have bought a couple of thomasi dwarf cichlids, Anomalochromis thomasi, today and have put them in my 325 liters community tank.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00585&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


One of my <a href="/fisk/labidochromis_caeruleus.html">Labidochromis caeruleus females</a> are carrying. I didn't see the actual spawning, but I guess it was today or perhaps yesterday.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00574&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My <a href="/fisk/aulonocara_sp_rod_rubin.html">Red rubys</a> has spawned again.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00387&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I got some new fish today, a species I haven't kept for a long time, the <a href="/fisk/xiphophorus_hellerii.html"> Red swordtail, Xiphophorus helleri</a>, and the good old <a href="/fisk/xiphophorus_maculatus.html"> Red Platy, Xiphophorus maculatus</a>.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00608&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have bought a <a href="/digitalfoto/pentax_optio_s5i.html">Pentax Optio S5i</a> today, so now it is time for some testing. Later I will upload a short review in the digital photo section.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00217&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


When I was feeding my <a href="/fisk/danio_rerio.html">Zebra danio fry</a> I saw one trapped in the breeders net I had used, and I removed the net of course. Afterwards I was inspecting the damages, when I suddenly saw a fry that looked totally wrong and shortly after one more. They had a black stripe along the body and a sligthly different body shape and then I remembered that I had tried with a <a href="/fisk/puntius_titteya.html"> Sherry barb couple</a> before I put the Zebra danios in the aquarium, and apparently they laid some eggs, which developed.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00520&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Two of my <a href="/fisk/metriaclima_callainos_sp_bright_blue.html">Metriaclima callainos sp. Bright Blue</a> spawned today. The two others I have are probably males as I saw they had a tough fight, locking each others jaws and shaking.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00633&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have seen that my <a href="/fisk/julidochromis_transcriptus_kalemie.html">Julidochromis transcriptus</a> has no less than two broods of fry. I cannot see if it is the same parents, but theres fry in two different sizes, some very tiny at about 6-7 mm and some a bit bigger at about 1 cm.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00573&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Today my <a href="/fisk/tanichthys_albonubes.html">White Cloud Mountain minnow or Tanichthys albonubes</a>, spawned in my <a href="/akvarier/akvarium_12l_sort1.html"> 12 liters tank</a>. There isn't very many eggs, and for now I will leave the adults there.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00216&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


After my "success" with the Leopard danio, I began an experiment with Zebra danios, but without luck. Since I'm almost convinced that my first failed attempts with the Leopard danio was caused by lack of males, I tested if that theory held true for the zebra as well, and I was right. I therefore bought 3 Zebra danio males today, together with 4 White Cloud Mountain minnow, Tanichthys albonubes, which I put in my 12 liters tank.


Some of my <a href="/fisk/danio_frankei.html">Leopard danio fry</a> had become very thin, and I guess that they are too small to take the food I'm giving them. Therefore I took my turkey baster and sucked some water from one of <a href="/teknik/hjemmelavet_filter_af_blaa_filtermaatte.html">my blue filtermats</a>. In theory the water should contain a lot of small infusoria and their like, and to judge from the frys behaviour, the theory is right.<br><br> <br>


My <a href="/fisk/cynotilapia_afra_sp_yellow_top.html">Cynotilapia afra sp. "yellow top"-pair</a> have spawned again and shes swimming around with her hole mouth full.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00483&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have emptied the <a href="/fisk/ancistrus_dolichopterus.html">Ancistrus fry</a> from the root approximately 10 days after I discovered the eggs, but unfortunately I think they wasn't 100% ready, so the nest time I will try waiting a couple of days more, and hope that the father doesn't throw them out before I get them out.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00301&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My 5. try to breed the <a href="/fisk/danio_frankei.html">Leopard danio</a> seems to succeed. After 4½ days, the first fry are freeswimming and I estimate that there are around 200 fry, in spite of the many fungused eggs.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00503&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I saw my <a href="/fisk/labidochromis_caeruleus.html">Labidochromis caeruleus male</a> courting every female in sight, and now one of the females are carrying. Unfortunately I didn't see the actual spawning.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00574&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


After a long break, my Red rubys have finally spawned again. Newsimage:


After they had 2 mornings in the breeding aquarium, I moved the leopard danios to their new home in my top 325 liters aquarium. I think there is eggs, but I'm not certain - it will be uncovered during the weekend. There are also some "beings" in the aquarium and I'm a bit concerned that they will harm the eggs. This evening, I also moved the female German Ram or butterfly cichlid over to the top 325 liters aquarium.


I moved my <a href="/fisk/pelvicachromis_pulcher.html">Kribensis-pair</a>, to their new home today, together with my <a href="/fisk/poecilia_reticulata.html"> guppies</a>, and a <a href="/fisk/mikrogeophagus_ramirezi.html">male butterfly cichlid</a>. The female is recovering after having been confined with the male in too little room. I will be moving the remaining fish during the next couple of days.<br> I started a breeding attempt with my leopard danios today - it is supposed to be extremely easy, so I certainly hope to succeed - more of that later.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00505&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have almost finished decorating my <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare.html">top 325 liters aquarium</a>, but I think I still need more short plants in the foreground. I expect to move the fish in to the aquarium during next week.<br> I managed to get a single decent shot of my new angels, but unfortunately the red shoulder or red back are not yet showing. <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00150&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have now moved most of my malawis to their new home, except for about 15 fishes, which I have sold and therefore kept for dem selves until next saturday, where I'm going to sell them. In spite of that my aquariums are still pretty much filled up. I have emptied the top aquarium, put flamingo in the bottom and filled up with sand and water - until around 2 thirds. I hope to plant the plants tomorrow and move the fishes the day after - sunday.<br><br> <br>


I have fetched my new <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare.html">Pterophyllum scalare</a> from Rio Manacapuru, some places also referred to as red shoulder or red back angels. They are children of vildcaught parents or F1. I have also purchased my congo tetras (Phenacogrammus interruptus) and I keep them with my cardinal tetras, leopard danios and the angels in my 128 liters, waiting until I have prepared the top 325 liters for them. In the bottom 325 liters I have planted some plants, but haven't moved the fishes yet - I plan to do that tomorrow.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00144&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


After having moved all the fishes from my bottom 325 liters (which is going to continue as Malawi-aquarium) I have emptied it for water and gravel, and replaced with my new fine sand and filled approximately half the aquarium with water. Tomorrow I'm going to plant some plants and move a lot of fishes, again. I have moved a Labidochromis caeruleus-female to my 100 liters, but it will last at least a week or more, before she is going to release her fry. Newsimage:


Today was very hectic - I have sold most of my sale size fry as well as some adults which I no longer have room for - a total of around 200 fishes. It was a two-way street as I also brought 50 fishes with me home. It was an old friend, namely the <a href="/fisk/cheirodon_axelrodi.html">Cardinal tetra</a> and a new (to me) species, Danio frankei, better known as Leopard Danio.<br><br> <br>


Today I have made an agreement to buy 6 <a href="/fisk/pterophyllum_scalare.html">Pterophyllum scalare Rio Manacapuru</a> juveniles. That means that I have been forced to place a lot of my Malawi-cichlids on the <a href="/uk/fisk/salgsliste.html">saleslist</a> to make room in my top 325 liters aquarium for a more commen community-aquarium. It also means that I'm going to try my luck with some more traditionel species like Congo tetra, Emperor tetra og <a href="/fisk/cheirodon_axelrodi.html">Cardinal tetra</a> (again). It will take a week or two before I'm ready for the new fishes.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00152&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My <a href="/fisk/melanochromis_johannii.html">johannii-female</a> has released her fry after only 15 days, but I am unable to count them (yet).<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00614&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I have, after careful considerations, decided to aquire a new pair of <a href="/fisk/mikrogeophagus_ramirezi.html"> ram cichlids</a> and have placed them in a 20 liters aquarium on their own.<br> I also emtied my 2 12 liters aquariums, since I now have 4 rooms in my 100 liters aquarium to use for fry and females waiting to release their fry.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00356&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Neither my <a href="/fisk/protomelas_sp_steveni_taiwan.html">Protomelas sp. "steveni taiwan"</a> or my <a href="/fisk/copadichromis_borleyi_kadango.html">Kadango</a> managed to keep the eggs, as I more or less expected.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00549&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My 2 <a href="/fisk/metriaclima_estherea.html">estherea females</a> has released 26 and 20 fry respectively.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00563&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Even though I moved my Kadangos down to my esthereas, the male has managed to ensure a new territory big enough for spawning and now one of my <a href="/fisk/copadichromis_borleyi_kadango.html"> Kadango females</a> is carrying again.<br> I have two estherea females with fry on my new 100 liters, and I have also moved my afra and perspicax fry to that aquarium (11+4).<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00446&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


I moved my Kadangos today and immediately after my <a href="/fisk/labidochromis_caeruleus.html"> Labidochromis caeruleus</a> began spawning with one of the females<br> and a little later my <a href="/fisk/protomelas_sp_steveni_taiwan.html">Protomelas sp. "steveni taiwan"</a> began spawning as well and the female is now carrying.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00574&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My <a href="/fisk/melanochromis_johannii.html">Melanochromis johannii</a> has spawned and the female is carrying again.<br><br> Later, the same evening, my <a href="/fisk/cynotilapia_afra_sp_yellow_top.html"> Cynotilapia afra sp. "yellow top"</a> released around 8-10 fry.<br><br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00618&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


When I was feeding, I saw a little <a href="/fisk/ancistrus_dolichopterus.html">ancistrus</a> baby, who very quickly wound up as a welcome food addition. I thought there might be more so I took my largest net and lifted up the root that my male usually prefers for hiding with the net beneath. When I was about to lift out the root of the aquarium, around a 100 small fry escaped from the root and into my net, so I could move them to another aquarium, keeping them from ending up as sushi like the first I saw.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00301&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


My Pseudotropheus sp. "perspicax orange cap" was only holding 4-5 fry.<br><br> As expected (more or less) my Otopharynx lithobates didn't succeed in carrying the eggs the entire period yet again.<br><br> <br>


My <a href="/fisk/otopharynx_lithobates.html">Otopharynx lithobates</a> is carrying eggs again.<br> <br><img src="../images/showthumb_db.html?ii=00649&amp;wd=200" alt="Newsimage" width="200">


Not much has happened in my aquariums the last couple of days, but my newly purchased afra og perspicax are carrying eggs.<br><br> Also this is the first news entry in english.<br><br> <br>


Now hojleddet.dk have had more than 10.000 visitors - I hope to be able to write some more articles and upload more pictures soon, so that the page doesn't become too static. Creative ideas are always welcome. <br>


I didn't get to keep my Ornatus very long. The Prinsesses was very tough on them and they are all 5 gone now. Some time in the future I will try again, but here and now I will try out some more dwarf cichlids.


I made a deal to sell all my Malawis to one guy, and 17 guppies to another. In stead I have bought 5 Julidochromis Ornatus. Newsimage