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A little information about your webmaster.

Written on 21-08-2018 15:27 by cab

I am a man, living in Zealand, Denmark, with my family. My first born was the in direct course for restarting my aquatic hobby, which you can read more about in my aquarium story.

The aquatic hobby

I have been keeping tropical fish in more than 25 years, whereof de latest (since 2001) was in my adulthood. Since I re-started my childhood hobby, I have tried to realize some of my dreams and plans regarding tank setup, species and breeding.

The Website Aquainfo.dk

In Aquainfo.dk I have combined several of my hobbies; aquariums, photography and programming, and you can find more than 100 articles about tropical fish and fish tanks on this website. I have a naive hope that this can be of use for a lot of other people, while I at the same time can document my hobby for later reference. Articles and information regarding other hobbies, can be found on my other website hojleddet.dk

Carsten webmaster